The best pizza ever!

While my sister was visiting she taught me how to make the most delectable pizza. I was a little skeptical when she told me I needed to pre-heat my pizza stone at 500 for an hour. But she was right and the pizza turned out just like in Italy. It has a crisp, crunchy crust and wonderful toppings. We started with the pizza dough from Trader Joe's. We made two varieties: bacon, tomato and cheese and a pepperoni/salami. The BLT was awesome and my favorite. We served it just like at California Pizza Kitchen with the salad on the top. We also made a homemade garlic Ailoi for dipping. I need her to come back and show me how to make more wonderful meals like these ones. Thanks Steff for teaching me how to make the best pizza ever!


Ellyn said…
Yum! This does sound fabulous! Dan just made pizza this weekend as well, and I think we've finally found a good dough recipe to use!
OOOOOO That looks so gooy and delish!!! I have never heard of cooking a pan so hot and for so long. Neat idea.
OH.. that looks so yummy... I would love it!! I guess I need to get a pizza stone:)

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