Nashville here I come....

I am running the Nashville Marathon next weekend with a couple of friends Jill and Jeni. I have been training since January for this race. It has had its ups (completion of my 20 mile run) and then some downs (finding out my marathon is rolling hills then entire way). Through all of this I found that if I stay positive and focus on my goal I can overcome. While looking for some good articles on motivation on race day I came across this video of a Father and Son Iron Man team. What an amazing relationship these two have together. I am hoping that next weekend I will be able to do just what this verse says! "I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7


Ellyn said…
Susy you will do always! I love the verse you included. You are always so positive, encouraging to others, and a huge inspiration! I'm honored to call you my friend :).
I 2nd what Ellyn has said.

Susy you have got to up the minutes on your cell phone.

I am a little nervous over my 13...last week when I did 10 it was outside instead of on the treadmil and my knee hurt. But I am so excited too!!!!! Thank you for inspiring me to join you for half of the marathon.
Susie said…
So excited for you, Susy :) You're a running rock star!
Such a beautiful run this morning!! I think it was a great way to "end" the training, don't you think??? No matter what, let's smile and have fun!!

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