Nashville is over, so what next?

Waiting for me to arrive.
The kids are still waiting....
Is Mom ever going to get here?
Then my family left when I did come by since they thought they had missed me.
I have been busy this last week. Our family took a trip to Nashville for the Nashville Marathon on Saturday. My friends Jeni and Jill did so well! Nashville is such a beautiful city. The weather was extremely warm for this time of year. It ended up being 88 by the end of the race. The hills were rolling for the entire 26.2 miles! I had some stomach problems after the race and so we have zero pictures of me with my medal. I am very disappointed about that! This was my hardest and slowest marathon yet. I am hoping that my next one will go better.
This race has been my excuse for making desserts and eating them every week (especially my TWD baking group). That is over and I am on a two week running break. I have been trying to find other ways to stay active at the gym. I have tried yoga, weight training class, elliptical machines (we have 3 different kinds at the gym) free weights, biking and walking. Nothing has given me the "Runners High" but I am enjoying my recovery time.


Laura said…
Congratulations on finishing yet another marathon! You are my hero! :)
Enjoy your break...I wish I had your love for running! It would make working out a lot easier :)
Jeni said…
You are my hero too! Poor Jonathon and Anna...there waiting to cheer on Mom. I am so glad I went and got to experience something so neat.
Susie said…
You know we all think you're a stud- and you're so passionate about running, it's infectious, Susy :)
Good job!
Thanks for getting me out there to do it!! Enjoy your two week break! With each race you learn something, right? You will get your goal:)
Sarah said…
Good Job Susy! =) I wish there were pictures too, but we understand =) What other forms of exercise have you enjoyed the most?? Wish you were closer to keep me on my toes and we could run together =)

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