Fossil Hunting...

Fossil hunting!

Jonathan and his buddy!

The boys on the nature hike.

Jonathan and his sweet teacher
Mrs. Carf!

My group of students hunting through
the pond muck to find tadpoles, eggs
and dragon flies.

I am so glad that I am able to go with my kids on there field Trips. Today Jonathan's class went to the Fossil Beds. We had the Ranger take the kids on a nature hike, searching through swamp muck to find tadpoles and dig for fossils. The fossil hunting was Jonathan's favorite part. He came home with a small bag full of treasures. We had great weather and lots of fun. I am ready for some caffeine after the busy day.... Anna's class is going to the dairy at the end of the month. I can't wait to go with her class full of darling First-graders.


Jeni said…
I am so lucky too....for one to have little kids and two to be able to stay home with them and do these fun things. That looks like a super fun field trip. Madi had field day today...Steve got to go too...he leaves tomorrow.

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