Ultimate Samosa Pie

My husbands Man sized portion of Samosas. My cooked lentils with garlic, onions and raisins.

The Spicy filling! I loved adding cinnamon to this.

I was looking for a good recipe to try for dinner using what I had on hand. I found this recipe by Tyler Florence for Ultimate Samosas (little handheld pies). These were wonderful for dinner. I made the pie crust into 1 large pie instead of the 8 minis. We enjoyed with lentils instead of the chickpeas and spinach. Here is the recipe if you would like to try this Curry flavored meal! I don't think I have tried anything from Tyler's recipes that has tasted anything but great. You can check out what my other Tyler Florence Fridays friends made this week too.


Debinhawaii said…
I love samosas and what a fun idea to make it into one big pie!
Kim said…
Sounds like a fun dinner. Pie is always a winner with me.
Jeni said…
I have never had these. Looks good though...I love lentils so this looks really neat.
Me! said…
I've always wanted to try making samosas but I had no idea what spices to put in!
Megan said…
I've never made samosa pie before, in fact I don't even know what it is!

I think I need to get out more!
Kristin said…
I'm with Megan on this one- I didn't know what they were either, sound good though. Coming over from TFF.
wow, this sounds great. samosas are so good. i love how you made it into one big pie.
Joanne said…
This reminds me of a samosa version of a tamale pie. I love turning non-casserole dishes into one-pot meals!
Jenny said…
I like the idea of one big pie, makes life so much easier.

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