Outrageous Brownies

These are my favorite rich and gooey brownie. Since it calls for 1 pound of butter and over 2 pounds of chocolate I would call these my decadence brownies. I have made this recipe a handful of times and each time it turns out different. I halved the batter and made mini brownie bites one day and then used the rest of the batter for a dessert for my Bible Study Brunch. I made breakfast brownies and added a cup of chopped chocolate covered coffee beans to my batter. Goodness Gracious! These were very good. Here is the recipe and you can check out what my other Barefoot Bloggers did as well. Thanks Eva for indulging us with this great brownie!


Debinhawaii said…
These were decadent and very good. I like your little brownie "bites" --so cute!
Suzie said…
I love the idea of adding chocolate covered coffee beans. I will definitely do that next time for a more grown-up treat. Yum.
Jeni said…
Now these look like something I could try!!!
Leslie said…
What a fabulous addition! I bet these were perfect as minis!
Me! said…
Very cute brownie bites. Probably better portion sizes than my 9x13" pans too. Chocolate covered coffee beans mean they are coffee which means they are a completely appropriate breakfast.

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