Our day in Colombus

I am so proud!

The kids are looking a little grumpy
by this time!

My husband is really against
wearing a shirt while running.

We drove up early to Colombus on Saturday for Marks first half marathon. He did amazing and the kids and I were so proud of him. He really lucked out with perfect running weather and the last mile being all down hill! I found out there is a big difference in our preparation for races. I follow all the rules about drinking plenty of water, making sure to get all the long runs in and lots of sleep before the race. Mark on the other had is so casual about his training and schedule. He was not a bit nervous this morning for his first race. Being the good wife I am, I decided to get nervous for him! Did he drink enough water, eat enough carbs last night and was he truly prepared for this race??? He did amazingly well. We found a good spot to wait for the guys. When Jonathan saw Mark he jumped in and ran the last half mile with them! His buddy Dan is a pro at races and they ran together. He enjoyed it and wasn't even tired afterwards. The official time hasn't come in yet but he thinks it was around 1:56. This was my first race as a spectator. I really missed being out there with all of the runners. We did manage to hit Easton on the way home and find a HUGE Trader Joe's. All my favorite things in one day : ) I even got to have Starbucks while waiting for Mark. When we arrived home I spent the rest of the afternoon looking up races online and finding many to choose from in our area!


Phil and Dana said…
Yay, Mark! I love that Jonathan ran with him. That is awesome.
I also love your passion for running, Susy! I wish I could run like you and love it.
Sarah said…
Good Job Mark!! Thanks for the pictures Susy. Glad you guys made it to Easton! How'd you like it?? =) I like the new look of the blog too =) Miss you guys!

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