Curried Couscous

This week for Barefoot Bloggers my good friend Ellyn of Recipe Collector and Tester chose this recipe. She was my neighbor when we all lived in Montana. Both of us love to cook and shared lots of recipes with each other. I was so excited to hear it was her turn. We talked each other into joining Barefoot Bloggers last summer and it has been so much fun! I love couscous and curry. I thought the flavours were great and enjoyed the crunch from the almonds and sweet cranberries. I would disagree about it tasting better the next day. I made this ahead for a party and loved the flavour the day I made it. The following day I discovered the flavours had mellowed too much and it was lacking something??? This was a healthy recipe that both Mark and I enjoyed. I served this with chicken, feta dip, whole wheat pita's and tomato cucumber salad. Thanks Ellyn for choosing such a great recipe.


Kate said…
Your friend made a great pick -- I loved this and will make it again soon. Funny, for me, the flavors WERE better, or at least just as good, the second day. On day 1, I thought it was too salty and on day 2, I thought -- hm -- doesn't taste too salty now, so for me, it was a good thing.
Leslie said…
This was yummy! I think it's going to be a versatile stepping off point for different flavors. I love your shot with everything laid out on the plate!
Penny said…
I have served this two days after and it is still wonderful. Sorry you thought it did not hold up. Did not salt it as suggested. Yours looks good.
i agree with kate, your friend did make a really good pick this week. :) i loved the sweetness from the dried fruit. i didn't think the flavors were milder on day two though, mine seemed spicier or something.
whatsonmyplate said…
I liked it the day after but two days later the flavours were a bit sad. A great recipe though!
Ellyn said…
Hey! I'm catching up from vacation and looking at all the posts from the recipe I picked :)! I'm glad you made this...sorry you didn't think the leftovers were good. I have to tell you the first time I tried this recipe was when I was looking for something to use the couscous that you gave me in MT :)...and it's been a favorite ever since!

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