The newest member of the Friesen Family

We have been searching for the last couple of months for a puppy for the kids. Our yard is very small and so it limits the size of dog that we can get. I started looking into rescue dogs in our area. I found Jack a purebread Cocker Spaniel from a link on that site. He is 7 months old and such a sweetie. He loves to follow the kids all over the house. He is very sad that the kids are in school right now. He has been going to the front door and whining for them. He has a great temperment and is very calm. We are so happy to have found him. Anna and Jonathan are having a great time teaching him to walk on a leash and play catch.


How cute! How sweet that he is waiting for the kids by the door. I am sure when they get home they will be all over him. I think pets are so good for kids, and us moms...I find myself talking to our cat during the day while the kids are at school.
Ellyn said…
He is adorable! I'm glad you all have a dog again...I know the kids are loving all over him!
Steffany said…
Welcome to the family, Jack!! I love you already and cannot wait to wrap my arms around you. :) Love, your Aunt Steffy
Laura said…
Oh my goodness! He is so cute! If I would have known you all wanted a dog, I would have given you Rozz. She is driving me crazy! Darn, missed my chance! :)
Sarah said…
What a cute puppy!!! Can't wait to see him in person =)

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