TWD Caramel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake

This was such a great weekend off from work and school! We had warm Fall weather and even enjoyed a family hike on Monday. I think Fall is my favorite Season of the year. I love the cool evenings and early mornings. I also love all of the leaves changing colors. It is definitely my favorite time of the year for running outside.
This recipe was for last week but I am a little behind so I chose today to write about it. Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy chose this yummy, caramel and chocolate goodness! I have been wanting to try this recipe. It has all of my favorite things in it: chocolate, and caramel. I was so excited to read the list of recipes that I get to make this month. I made this into a 9 square baking dish since my spring form pan was destroyed in our move. I could easily eat a couple of these at one time and I did. I made these for a BBQ on Sunday! They were a big hit with the neighbors as well. I decided not to do the peanuts at the last minute but sprinkled the top with Grey Sea Salt. I have a recipe for salted caramel brownies and combined the 2 recipes into 1. After I baked the cake I noticed it being very dry and crumbly. I made a simple syrup and poured over it to regain some of the moistness. I also chose to follow my friend Jeni's family recipe for the caramel topping. I have had too many batches of caramel crystallize on me in the past. She makes the most incredible caramels ever. She shared her secret recipe with me before she left Germany and walked me through each step of making them. They are so good!
P.S My husband deleted all of the pictures for this recipe. This is the third time that this has happened. I think I need to get my own camera to avoid this from happening again!


YUM! You are so good about trying all these new recipes.
I have all the stuff for caramels so they are on my list to make the next few days.
The kids look so cute. I love Anna's the front pulled to the side like that. Those are great fall pics. Jonathon has that baby face I love too.
Ellyn said…
Glad you enjoyed this recipe Susy! I am making it for a weenie roast this weekend. I didn't make the biscotti for this week because I'm a little burnt out on seems I've made it quite a bit in the last couple of months. I already made the chocolate cupcakes and they are good! We've already had SNOW here, so glad you are still enjoying some Fall weather!

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