TWD Creme Brulee Disaster

I am a little late in posting my recipe for Creme Brulee. Mari of Mevrouw Cupcake chose this recipe for last week. I was so excited to make this. I love this dessert! It is so simple to make and tastes incredible. It started off fine. I followed the simple directions and stuck it in the oven to bake. I was in a little bit of a time crunch with the baking time. After the 50 minutes it wasn't even close to done. I decided to crank up the oven a little and hurry up the process. It made the pudding curdle into huge chunks. I didn't know if it was savable at this time but decided to use the immersion blender to make it smooth again. It worked but in the meantime I sprayed hot creme brulee over the entire stove and counters... Now I was late for the kids school so I left it and hoped it would be OK when I got home. It set up nicely in the fridge. I thought the my disaster was going to work out. After the kids soccer game, I put the sugar on the top to finish these only to find out my torch was empty. I decided to broil them instead. After burning all around the top of each dish so black that it starting stinking up the house, finally the sugar caramelized. These were so bad I dumped them all in the trash. No pictures because I have never made such a disaster or mess up of a recipe before... Esp. when it was such a simple and straightforward recipe!


Ellyn said…
Sorry these didn't turn out for you Susy, especially since you put forth the effort to make them this week as you wanted to try them! I didn't try this recipe due to being out of town. You are an amazing cook/baker, so I know you'll have better luck with your next one!
I know at the time it wasn't but it is a little funny reading your story. That stinks that you could eat it.
Steffany said…
Oh, man, this was hilarious. I knew it was going to be from the moment I saw your title--perfectly appropriate. :) I just had the best laugh. Thanks so much for sharing so candidly about your disaster. As you well know, we've ALL been there!
Anonymous said…
I had a little problem under the broiler, too. I'm sorry yours didn't turn out.

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