Little baby bunny found

The kids found a baby bunny in our yard on Saturday. We don't know what happened to the mama. It was only a day old and still has its eyes shut. We have been feeding it kitten replacement milk twice a day with a dropper and keeping it warm on a heating pad. It has survived the last 4 days so maybe it will have a chance? We hope it makes it. The kids loved taking care of it and would check on baby bunny multiple times a day. We found a wildlife shelter that took the bunny for us since we are leaving for vacation on Friday.


Phil and Dana said…
Susy, this post made me so happy - the bunny is still alive! Those pictures are so cute! Please keep us posted. Will you pick the bunny back up when you return or does he just stay at the shelter?
Jeni said…
OMGosh it's so tiny. You guys are doing a good job if it's still going after 4 days. What a fun and neat things for the kids. Ben and Madi saw this too...they can't believe it.
Susie said…
You guys have such amazing hearts. That's what I was thinking listening to your message today. Happy adventures this summer!
Stacy said… sweet that your kids are so nurturing! I hope that little bunny grows big and strong :o)
Awh, how cute is that baby bunny! I hope it continues to thrive! =)

My little ones found a baby lizard the other day, and after an hour or so of being "her new pet", I made her set it free to be with it's family. =)

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